Analysis & Insight

Who doesn’t love an insightful analysis? Now that you’ve created your Team Schedule, you can learn more about how it’s working! Figure out if your schedule was effective and get details on your team’s attendance with these useful features.

Your Team’s Weekly Intraday

The Weekly Intraday () lets you compare how many agents were scheduled to work against how many agents actually worked for all of your channels and every task. This will help you to figure out when your team is overstaffed and when it’s understaffed so that you can optimize your future schedules.

Read a bit about how the Intraday Plan works.

Keep tabs on your agent’s attendance

You will now have access to a Monitor Attendance Report () that gives you crystal clear insight into your Team’s Attendance. Want to export it to a CSV or PDF? Just click on the CSV or PDF icon in the top right corner.

Learn more about how to Monitor Attendance here.