Workforce management for the modern age

Omnichannel, easy to use, and deployable in under 2 minutes. Made exclusively for Zendesk.

  • Complete WFM solution

    Time & attendance, performance monitoring, scheduling and adherence all rolled into one beautiful package.

  • Gain immediate insight

    Real-time dashboards let you see your team’s activity across every channel providing you with immediate insight and transparency.

  • Virtually no setup

    Tymeshift is built from the ground up for Zendesk which means you’ll never have to manage your config in two places again.

Everything you need

Our software helps companies schedule, track, monitor and find trends to help agents become more efficient and managers more engaged.

  • Time & attendance

    Automatically track all of the time spent on tickets, chats, and calls. Create custom AUX states to track lunch, breaks, and other non-support activities.

  • Scheduling

    Quickly create complete intraday schedules and view staffing across all channels. Agents can view their schedule without ever leaving Zendesk.

  • Presence

    See what all of your agents are doing in real-time across all channels. Filter by activity type, group, or build your own views.

  • Real-time WFM reporting

    Never miss a minute with real-time WFM reporting. You can dive into the details or get a birds-eye-view of the big picture.

  • Activity tracking

    Get true visibility with a complete picture of each agent’s day that’s sure to uncover coaching opportunities.

  • Schedule adherence

    Overlay your intraday schedule on your agent’s activity timeline and find out if your plan went according to plan.

  • Agent scorecard

    Drive productivity through transparency. Customize your agents scorecard with the metrics that matter to your organization.

  • Notifications

    Configure custom rules and get alerted when things are going awry. Notify a team lead when an agent is late for lunch or in an idle state for too long.

  • Forecasting

    Plan for the future by forecasting the number of contacts across all channels and how many agents you’ll need to handle them.

Made for everyone

Used in 50+ countries by the world's biggest and most forward thinking brands.

  • Charlene Hopkins

    Manager, Customer Support & Workforce Management, Upwork

    We were searching for a Workforce Management solution to aid us in improving oversight of our remote teams, schedule and maintain adherence, as well as help us to understand varying handle times of agents for specific customer issues. Tymeshift has already proven to be an invaluable tool in identifying agent performance patterns and areas for improvement.

    With the customizations made, we’ve also been able to seamlessly bridge Tymeshift’s intelligence with our existing processes. They’ve taken painstaking steps to understand our business challenges and the information we wanted to glean in order to tailor a solution that worked for us. I’m confident that this tool will pay for itself many times over in efficiency alone, in addition to making our managers lives much easier!

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  • Clade Lindström

    Quality Coordinator

    “Tymeshift helps us to maintain and strengthen our customer support agents all over the globe. It gives us the opportunity to oversee our metrics and KPIs from different locations and time zones. This also allows us to understand our agents’ behavior and address quality concerns more mindfully and effectively.

    I also appreciate that the team listens to my ideas for improving the product and customer experience and that they are really collaborative. Looking forward to working with these guys more in the Tymes to come.”

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  • Aaron Alpeter

    Chief Supply Chain Officer at Hubble Contacts

    HUBBLE ( Our initial launch was much bigger than we had anticipated and we were having a hard time keeping up with the growth and knowing how to hold each other accountable. I was spending a lot of time trying to make sure if people were doing what they were supposed to be doing and Zendesk’s internal reporting just wasn’t cutting it.

    Tymeshift was an absolute game changer for us and I was able to pivot to other parts of the business knowing that I had clear and transparent metrics for my team.

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  • Clark Roberts

    Senior Team Leader

    Since installing Tymeshift, I've been able to ditch my ROTA and intraday spreadsheets, avoided having to download numerous reports to update KPI/productivity spreadsheets, been able to track adherence with more confidence, been able to schedule for a flexible workforce with greater ease, and increased visibility on performance for my agents and team leaders.

    I’ve also felt I have strong support when needed, and that my feedback is valued. Love keeping this many systems in one place. I'm excited to see how Tymeshift develops going forward!

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