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Quick to learn and easy to use giving your agents a seamless experience

Seamless Agent Experience - Focused Attention

Focused Attention

Keep everything in one place: Zendesk

As Tymeshift is a built-for-Zendesk, your agents can do everything they have to do directly in Zendesk. No other navigation is needed.

Seamless Agent Experience - View Schedules

View Schedules

Effortless access and management of schedules

Conveniently located in Zendesk with automatic 5 minute notifications before your agent’s need to switch tasks.

Seamless Agent Experience - Automatic Time Tracking

Automatic Time Tracking

Business as usual for agents — not much will change

Time is tracked automagically in the background as agents go about their day inside of Zendesk. Tracking feels natural and noninvasive for everyone.

Seamless Agent Experience - General Tasks

General Tasks

Lunches, breaks, meetings, & more...

Agents can easily clock into other activities using the General Tasks you define. And yes, as everything else, this happened right in Zendesk.