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Finally, a clear view of what's going on with real-time accuracy

Real-Time Management: Agent Status

Agent Status

Understand what your agents are doing right now

A filterable dashboard that lets you see what your team's working on, for how long, and whether or not it's on their schedule.

Real-Time Management: Agent Activity

Agent Activity

See activity and adherence timelines for your agents

Explore your agent's activity timelines and their daily adherence, and see an overview of where they spend their time each day.

Real-Time Management: Reports


Create flexible reports with the KPIs that matter the most

Customize reporting templates with the most important metrics to use repeatedly. Filter out the noise to reveal essential information.

Real-Time Management: Dashboards


Tailor real-time dashboards to keep up with your teams

Create unique dashboards to stay current on your team's KPIs. See when time-sensitive metrics drop in real time so you can pivot as needed.