The perfect iced peppermint matcha latte

The perfect matcha recipe, crafted and improved over the years by the Matcha Man himself, our CEO.

A recipe you can make in under 5 minutes

Not-so-secret ingredients

  • Matcha: Well, obviously. David recommends the Coldbrew Reserve Matcha.
  • Oat Milk: You can go with Oatly, that’s the classic - but David is loving Minor Figures right now!
  • Peppermint Simple Syrup: to add just a hint of sweetness - Sonoma make a great one.
  • Ice: Pick up some ice from your local grocery store: they usually have a cleaner taste than home-made ice.

The tools for the job

Just like a good support agent needs the right tools to be great, you’re going to need some equipment. You can replace all of these for other products you have lying around the house.

  • The perfect drinking cup:
    Are you the kind of person who doesn’t mind average customer experience or a sub-par product? Or do you want to experience the best of the best, the oat-cream of the oat-crop? If so, you want to look at Breakaway Matcha’s Lattice. Once you try it you’ll never go back to drinking Matcha from anywhere else.
  • Perfect serve tea spoon:
    Having too much matcha or too little can ruin your drink - like the number of agents on call at any particular time, you want to get just the perfect amount. The Vahdam Perfect Tea Spoon is like the Forecasting tool for Matcha.
  • A frother:
    Don’t forget those batteries, either!

The recipe:

  1. Add just a little bit of the oat milk to the bottom of your cup. Just enough to be able to mix with the matcha powder.
  2. Use the perfect serve tea spoon to add a perfect serve of matcha powder to the cup
  3. Blend the matcha and the oat milk. Use it in the lowest speed setting available and push it to the bottom of the cup until you’ve got all the powder at the top mixed in. Then you can speed up the blender and have at it for a couple of minutes. Look for a nice dark green color, with no traces of powder.
  4. More Oat Milk! Fill up to 3/4 of the cup.
  5. Add a dash of Peppermint Simple Syrup
  6. Blend on low speed.
  7. Top up with ice
  8. Kick your shoes off, sit down and enjoy!

A parting gift:

In case you want to save this recipe on your phone and have it with you at all times, we've created a handy little item just for you. If you're on your computer, just airdrop it over. If you're on your phone, well, you know what to do.

The Perfect Matcha recipe by Tymeshift

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