Let's set the scene!


Before we see automagic happen right in front of our very eyes, we need to set up the stage first. This is where the Organization Structure features come in. We are confident you already know about the Workstreams feature, but if you need a quick refresh join our product manager MJ.

Now, let us introduce you to the rest of the Organization Structure pack!


Locations is the first step into defining your schedule by configuring a set of parameters that will feed our Automated Schedule algorithm. In the locations you will need to set:

  • Timezone and business hours of the location
  • Set number of working hours, consecutive workdays, and off days per week
  • Select shift types you wish to use – automatic or fixed shifts
  • Set the start time of the shift
  • Define intraday rules

Check out the video below to learn more and make sure to go through the Help Center article section dedicated to Locations. 



This feature will allow you to create multiple teams and assign agents and managers to them. Managers will be responsible for receiving and acting on agents’ requests related to Time Off, Shift Trades (coming soon!), or any other requests that might come their way. 

Here’s a quick video from MJ! 


Time off Reasons

No schedule is complete without the ability to request Time Off. To accommodate that we first need to set up the Time Off Reasons of course! You can also define if the Time Off Reason should be categorized as planned or not and more is on the video below by MJ!

We are now ready to generate the Schedule! 3, 2, 1, let’s go!