How to Manage User Permissions

Everyone on your team probably doesn’t require the same levels of access. Make sure each user has the correct access by creating Roles and assigning them to each user. It’ll save you a ton of time to create Roles like Admin, Team Manager, and Agent.

Note that in 99% of the cases, the default settings are good to go as-is for your agents.

Here’s how to create and assign a Role:

Step 1.
Go to Admin() and click on Manage Role.

Step 2.
Click on Add a Role.

Step 3.
Name the Role and select appropriate permissions.

Step 4.
Assign the role to your users under Agent Permissions.

Quick Tip

If your agents have different skills or live in different regions, you can personalize some profile fields and assign them to specific agents. Check out our article here for more information.