tymeshift is on a mission to simplify workforce management so you can focus on getting the real work done.

We help support teams using Zendesk focus on their customers by automating what was once manual and time consuming.

So say goodbye to spreadsheets and step into the world of forecast & automatic scheduling.

Teams running on tymeshift

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Everything you need

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Use historical Zendesk contact volume to predict the future. See how many agents you’ll need to handle the work, when you’ll need them, and which channels will require attention.

Complete Staffing Forecast

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Automatically create a detailed and adjustable intraday plan. It comes complete with breaks, lunches, and the specific support work your agents need to handle throughout the day.

Automatic Schedules

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Check attendance, adherence, and performance at-a-glance. Know who’s working & on what, how your real time volume & forecast differ, and adjust things on the fly to hit your SLAs.

Real Time Team Management

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Don’t make agents remember to use yet another tool. They can clock in & clock out, see their schedules, and take a look at their KPI Scorecards, all without ever leaving Zendesk.

Seamless Agent Experience

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