Remote Support Bundle & WFH Plan

Tymeshift & Zendesk join forces to make WFH easier

We’ve noticed how many teams are making a sudden shift in the way they work – and they are searching for tools to make the transition smoother. That’s why Tymeshift has created a special WFH Plan to help you and your team make the switch.

Our dedicated WFH Plan is also part of Zendesk’s Remote Support Bundle, which you can learn more about here.

What you get from Tymeshift

  • Access to helpful features:
    1. Automatically track time – automatically track all of the time spent on tickets, chats, and calls.
    2. Track AUX codes – create custom AUX codes to track lunch, breaks, and other non-support activities.
    3. Agent status monitoring – see what all of your agents are doing in real-time across all channels.
    4. Agent activity – get a complete picture of each agent’s day.
    5. Timecards – let agents view their daily & weekly activity.
    6. Themes and channel colors, just because they’re fun!
  • We provide free help getting set up and account support.
  • You get six months of access to this plan at no charge.

If you work for a healthcare organization
, let us know, and you’ll get our Enterprise Plan with the same terms and conditions (hassle & cost-free for 6-months). 

What you don’t get

  • NO hidden charges.
  • NO commitment.
  • NO bullshit. We really just want to make this easier for you.

From our team to yours, we sincerely hope you stay healthy and safe during this difficult time.  Now, might we suggest giving our WFH Plan a try and also give your team a soundtrack to work with?  …you might notice a theme…

Start now WFH Playlist

How Tymeshift is operating during COVID-19

As we navigate this situation, we are continually mindful that our current clients might need extra support as well. While we are offering solutions to teams just joining Tymeshift, we want our customer base to know that this won’t impact our service quality or the ability to reach our team. We’re all in the same boat. So we’re transitioning to WFH along with you, as well as focusing on keeping our employees and their families safe. Here’s a summary of a few steps we are taking to ensure everyone stays healthy:

  • All work-related travel is suspended until further notice. Managers are working with their direct reports to reschedule or cancel upcoming travel. We’ll resume adventuring once we are certain it will not pose a risk to anyone involved.
  • All employees are working from home until further notice. We are focusing on finding the best ways to do our daily work while being helpful to neighbors and respecting local regulations.
  • All employees are encouraged to reschedule personal travel, if at all possible. We want to make sure that our communities stay safe, and that means avoiding travel and social situations.
  • Anyone who has shown symptoms or comes into contact with a person with COVID-19 will immediately get in touch with our newly established employee helpline. It’s something we are watching around the clock so that we can help our team get the assistance they need.

Terms & conditions

The WFH Plan is free for six months for accounts created starting on 03/26/2020. Once the six-month period has ended, the plan will expire. You are under no obligation to continue using Tymeshift after the end of the free period. WFH Plan subscribers will need to upgrade their plan to continue usage, and the full price will apply for all subscription plans. This offer is only available until  08/30/2020. Should you want to trial any of our other plans during this period, please contact us. If you have questions about your team’s eligibility, we are here to help.

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