How to Monitor Your Team

You’re probably very aware of how quickly CX teams need to respond these days. That means you, as a manager, need to react swiftly if one of your agents is getting stuck on something. Otherwise, it could have a negative impact on your team’s overall performance. If you’ve ever found yourself searching for ways to improve your coaching abilities and ways to boost your agents’ effectiveness – we have the answers.

Get real-time insight into what each agent is doing and the amount of time that’s passed since they began working on a task. You can also easily filter by Group, Task or Agent.

To check out Who’s Working, just click on the Who’s Working icon ().

Quick Tips

  • Clicking on a ticket number takes you right to that ticket so you can begin to explore why the agent is stuck.
  • Clicking on an agent’s name shows you their activity.
  • Discovering which agents are taking too long on tasks can help you to coach more effectively. Highlight  the time in red if they exceed the time limit by going to Admin >>> Settings >>> Global Settings. How long is too long? You can set the length of time and adjust if needed.