How Tracking Time Works

Tymeshift tracks your agents’ activities, whether they occur in Zendesk or not. Here is a quick overview of the different time categories:

  • Ticket Time – Any time that is tracked on a specific ticket.
  • Chat Time – Any time that is tracked on a specific chat session (Zendesk Chat).
  • Voice Time – Any time that is tracked on a specific call. Tymeshift will only track calls if you are using Zendesk Talk or any of Zendesk’s CTI partners.
  • General Task Time Time agents spend outside of Zendesk on things like lunch, breaks, meetings, and so on.
  • Untracked Time – Time that isn’t spent on any support channel (tickets, chats, or voice) or a General Task. In other words, this is “unproductive time.”

Here’s a short video about tracking: 

Quick Tips

The Zendesk Quicktab Extension for Chrome is really helpful, and you should encourage your team to install it – it only takes 10 seconds! The extension prevents agents from duplicating their tabs and allows Tymeshift to track their time more accurately.

This extension also helps to speed up the time it takes for an agent to open a ticket since it doesn’t load everything in Zendesk again (it only loads that one ticket). Agents can also have as many tickets as they want open within Zendesk!