Can I retroactively see and generate reports for my agents after I install Tymeshift?
Once you install Tymeshift, it will start tracking agent activity and performance. From that moment on, you will be able to report on their performance, occupancy rate, and much more. However, it is not possible to retroactively report on agents or teams.

What happens if an agent is working on tickets/chats/calls at the same time?
In short, it isn’t possible. Technically an agent should only be working on one task at a time. That means if an agent is working on ticket #123, they cannot also be working on chat session #456. Instead, Tymeshift will follow the agent back and forth.

Does Tymeshift track bulk-updating tickets?
No, we do not track bulk ticket updates. We want to make sure productivity points are assigned fairly, and mass ticket updates can result in unfair counting. Tymeshift doesn’t track Tickets solved by automation and/or trigger either, as this is not an action an agent performs.

Why is the number of Solved Tickets different in Tymeshift & Zendesk Reports?
Tymeshift calculates Solved Tickets a bit differently from Zendesk. Learn more here.

Can Tymeshift metrics be integrated with Zendesk Insights (GoodData)?
We aren’t currently planning on developing this integration because we’re working on integrating with Zendesk Explore.

Since I can deactivate users at any time, what happens to the metrics?  Can admins retroactively consult stats?
Yes! You can still take a look at past stats for deactivated agents since they have already been tracked and stored.

Why can I see the Leaderboard feature in the Zendesk Agent Home section, but I can not access it on the web application?
By default, you will be able to see this feature on your Zendesk if you toggle to team view under the Home icon and you will see pre-set metrics for the leaderboard. The access to modify the leaderboard settings is available on paid plans.