Time Tracking for Zendesk - Native Time Tracker Integration for Zendesk

Time Tracking For Zendesk
(And a whole lot more!)

Tymeshift allows you to track 100% of your agent’s activity in Zendesk.

How it works:

• Every time a ticket is active on an agent’s screen time is automatically tracked
• Even if the agent doesn’t submit the ticket the time is still tracked
• Time is recorded when agent’s aren’t on tickets, too; Such as when they are viewing the Dashboard or a View
• Plus, you can even track time they spend outside of Zendesk using General Tasks

Why capture 100% of an agent’s activity?

• A COMPLETE picture of an agent’s day
• Measure occupancy rate
• Compare productive vs. unproductive time
• See how much time agents spend working on tickets vs. other things

More than a time tracker - a complete WorkForce Management solution for Zendesk:

• Scheduling
• Monitor agent activity in real-time
• Capture productivity metrics
• Agent Scorecard & Leaderboard
• Automatically notify agents and their managers of compliance issues
• And more… Check out all of Tymeshift’s WFM features
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