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Measure Occupancy, Average Handle Time, and Tickets Solved Per Hour
The first step towards improving performance is to accurately measure these KPIs.

Time Tracking
Tymeshift automatically tracks all of your agents activity and productivity in Zendesk.
Time Tracking

Analyze performance with reporting that makes it easy to find immediate insight
Once Tymeshift is installed you will quickly see the areas or specific agents where performance improvements can be achieved.

View metrics against KPIs by agent, group or ticket field and identifiable actionable areas.
Time Tracking
Report Average Handle Time (AHT) by custom Zendesk ticket fields. I.e. Category, Concern Type, Contact Reason.

Take Action on the areas that need improvement
Tymeshift allows your agents and managers real-time insight into performance. When people know in real-time it encourages self-correction and dramatically improves efficiency.

Time Tracking
A scorecard that agents can view in real-time to gauge their performance against your KPIs.
Time Tracking
Automated notifications that alert agents and team leads/managers when the AHT on a ticked is exceeded.

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