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The enthusiastic minds behind Tymeshift!

Local & global

With offices on both sides of the Atlantic - USA, Serbia, & Portugal - and a team that loves to scope out international events, we’re pretty much everywhere. Check here to see where we are headed next.

A worldwide family

Our team is seriously global. We represent 10 different nations, speak 7 languages (among us - not just one seriously fluent person), and each one of us brings unique skills into the mix.

Inclusive always

Our team has a great mix of expertise & backgrounds. We believe in a work culture that’s inclusive in every way - you can always be yourself when you're with the Tymeshift team.

Meet the team

We are crazy about our team. They’re fun, passionate, and fuel Tymeshift's collaborative spirit!

David Birchmier

Getting sh*t done

Elisa Reggiardo

Chief Troublemaker

Alex Nikitin

Chief Coding Guru

Marko Todoric

Manager of Code-pendence

Pavel Shutov

Code 007

Ivy Clark

Partner Chips

Eugene Cheok

Keeper of Happiness

Maksym Shynkarenko

Director of Kerning

Jessica Martinez

Ecosystem Creator

Andrew Artamonov

Test Master Architect

Stefan Beader

Logic Producer

Paule Matkeviciute

Creator of Happiness

Nikita Kalinkin

Code Whisperer

Anna Zolot

CSS Queen

Aleksandr Kirichenko

Code Alchemist

Alexa Huth

Full Story Stacker

Wayne Pugh

Thinker of Deep Thoughts

Petr Rybalkin


Julia K.

Javascript Queen

Miguel Rosa

Director of Astonishment

Luka Macun

Backend Reparo

Lilith Shoemaker

WFM Fan Converter

Uros Zugic

Bringer of Alignment

Bojan Antonijevic

Database Devotee

Duška Ružin

Seeker of Awesome

Tsvika Solan

Magnificence Minder

Marijana Cirh

Money Librarian

Stefan Vilimonovic

QA and Quips

Eugene Popenko

Code Beautifier

Vladimir Krumstein

Manual Work Prevention

Nevena Todoric

Ecosystem Encourager

Dejan Betos

Greatness Creator

Tiago Alves

Dr. Tech

Boban Piskulic

Wish Fulfiller

Laura Dutilh

Abstract Concepts Coordinator

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