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  • Does any data that you use remain within the Zendesk infrastructure?

    The data Tymeshift collects is primarily related to agent activity and productivity. For example, Tymeshift collects that a ticket was solved, by whom, and at what time it was solved. This data is stored inside of Tymeshift’s database and used to calculate metrics for reporting purposes.

  • Does data travel back and forth between Tymeshift and Zendesk?

    No, Tymeshift collects agent productivity data from Zendesk (as described in the above answer) but does not send that data back to Zendesk. This data is primarily used to calculate the productivity/performance of agents and thus does not need to be sent back to Zendesk.

  • What data does Tymeshift store from Zendesk? Is any personal information collected?

    Tymeshift does not store customer related data. The data Tymeshift collects is related to the productivity/performance of agents. Specifically, we collect Zendesk events on tickets, time spent on tickets and other activities, as well as satisfaction ratings. The personal data collected is related to your agents inside of Zendesk. Specifically, the agent’s profile name and email address.

  • Which Zendesk API Endpoints does Tymeshift use?

    You can learn about the Zendesk API Endpoints that we utilize to provide our service here .

  • If an employee asks us to delete all their data off the system, how do we request that?

    We are happy to purge any data at your request. You can find more details on this process here under the “How to invoke your rights” section.

  • How long does Tymeshift store my data?

    Tymeshift stores your data as long as your account is active. In the event you wish your data to be purged while your account is still active you may submit a request via following the process outlined here under the “How to invoke your rights” section.

  • What path does Tymeshift offer to responsibly disclose security vulnerabilities?

    Please report security vulnerabilities you have uncovered to: [email protected] Your responsible disclosure is deeply appreciated.