Release notes

Together, we’re building the modern WFM. Below you can find a list of the new features we’ve added, changes we’ve made, and bugs we’ve fixed. Got any suggestion? Drop us an email at: [email protected]




Tymeshift V4.18


  • Rebrand

    We’ve rebranded!! To better reflect who we are and where we are going, we’ve created a new look, feel, and logo! What do you think? We hope you’re fans because we love it and we can’t wait to share more great updates soon.

  • CSV Report

    We’ve created a new button that makes extracting a CSV Report a snap. It’s snuggled up next to the Timezone switcher and if you click on it you’ll see all the reports that are ready and the ones that are in progress. Watch it spin and when it stops, download your report! Btw you can see the button on every page so you can work on something else while your export is in progress.

  • Metrics

    We’ve got more metrics! Rate metrics. Chat & Talk metrics. Check that Summary Report to see your new metrics.

  • Notes

    A while ago, agents could only see the Notes on their Schedule. Now, Notes also appear on the Team Schedule.


  • Schedule

    Some of you experienced long(ish) loading times when trying to set Time Off for an agent. Now it’s going to go so much faster!

  • DST

    You won’t see the hour off difference before the DST switch anymore.

  • Quickbooks Integration

    We did create an integration for Quickbooks in BETA, but we’ve decided that we won’t move forward with it. We’d rather spend time ensuring that Tymeshift is the WFM for the modern age. By that, we mean that new customers won´t be able to enable this yet everyone using it already will not lose access to the BETA integration we already have.


  • Schedule

    Our super organized customers were planning ahead and unfortunately seeing staggered shifts for December, those are fixed now.

  • API Report

    He was hiding for a few days – but he’s back, and you can see the API Usage Report as usual.




Tymeshift V3.18


  • Manage Profile Fields

    Now, you can create custom fields for user’s profile. It can be a text field, checkbox, or even a drop-down.

  • Agent Permissions

    Now that you’ve created some helpful new fields for profiles, you can start filling them in by going to Agent Permissions.

  • Schedule & User Profile

    Filter away using your brand new agent profile! Picture it – you need to see every agent you have on the Spanish language team? Just use the language filter you created!


  • Agent Permissions

    We’re all about making things simple. That’s why we redesigned the Agent Permissions page to make it more flexible, easier to sort, and simpler to filter.

  • General Tasks

    You wanted more flexibility? You got it! Now you can assign any General Task to any agent while creating your Intraday Schedule, even if it is a group restricted General Task.

  • Schedule Design

    We heard that certain buttons weren’t respecting the Theme you chose and were going green, we just love it green, don’t blame us! Nevertheless, they’re now going to match the rest of the colors you set.


  • Attendance Report CSV

    Sometimes, the column that showed how many times an agent left early wasn’t appearing in Attendance Reports. It’s back now!

  • Schedule & Shift Trade

    Some agents were not able to Trade their Night Shift. Now they can trade away.

  • Approval/Decline Button

    The Approve/Decline button was trying to overshadow the Request Time Off button. Those silly buttons! They now learned to share the spotlight.




Tymeshift V2.18


  • Attendance Report

    By now, you are probably aware that this amazing new report shows you the weekly status for each of your agents. Now, you can also print the reports directly from your account, download them as PDFs, or even export them in a CSV file!

  • Schedule & Shifts

    In just one click you can now delete an agent’s shifts for a whole week or even month. Click on the agent’s name, and it will automatically select all of their shifts. We did this because we understand that depending on your workflow and your resources, a schedule can change at any time. We hope this makes your life easier!

  • Schedule & Time Off

    You’ll notice a new filter that allows you to see every agent who is off. You can even filter by a specific time off to see a list of the lucky agents currently on holiday

  • Widget Support

    We finally replaced our support widget with the Zendesk Support widget. You can search Help Center articles for immediate self-service or submit a support request using our contact form. We love Zendesk


  • Schedule

    Our Design Team has worked to make the Schedule more intuitive by implementing small improvements like new buttons, better icon positioning, more visible text, etc. Small changes can make a big difference!

  • Summary Report

    We’ve added an extra dash of beautification to our Summary Reports. Everything will now match the theme that you’ve selected for your account!

  • Admin

    We added some Tool Tips and improved how they’re displayed. Setting up your account has never been so simple!


  • Reports

    Sometimes, exports would get stuck “in progress” for too long. Exports are now back up to optimal speed – no more slacking off for them.

  • Schedule

    Some accounts noticed the Time Off button pulling a disappearing act for a few hours. It left without its manager’s approval – but things are sorted out now.

  • General Tasks

    For some people, it was taking too long for a General Task they’d created for a specific group to appear in the Zendesk App. That’s been fixed, and now you’ll see them immediately!




Tymeshift V1.18


  • Time & Attendance Report

    Now the weekly status for each of your agents is easily accessible. This way, you’ll see their start & end times, total working time, absences, time off, when they were late, any overtime they worked, and their overall attendance rate in one view. You heard it: one view!

  • Weekly Intraday: Plan vs. Actual

    It’s a snap to compare how many agents you really needed for your Channel & Tasks with how many you originally scheduled. That means you will be able to plan better next time and spend those spare minutes doing something you love.

  • Schedule & Agent Permissions

    If you want to, you can give a non-admin user editing rights in Schedule (and only in Schedule).

  • Schedule & Intraday Report

    You can get a look at the Actual Time your agents spent on different tasks right in the Daily View of your Schedule. See how much time was spent on different tasks like Tickets, Chats, Voice, Lunch, Breaks…the list goes on.

  • Schedule & Edit Notes

    Finally, an easy way to Find & Replace the text you added to the notes on your Schedule. No more intense manual searching for some note you can’t remember if you ever actually made. Cause that happens, you are not alone!

  • Schedule & Log

    Track each and every change made to the schedule by checking the Log (you’ll find it in the Schedule Settings).

  • Licenses Usage

    First, you need to know that you must have a Pool Plan for this to work. If you do, then on the first of every month, we’ll record the number of licenses used during the previous month and deduct it from the total licenses you have purchased. This should make it easier for you to monitor your active licenses and plan ahead!


  • Support Widget

    Want to hide the support widget? No problem. Just click on your profile picture and the option to hide it will appear.

  • Timezone & DST

    We’ve improved how you see the DST in Settings; it looks similar to the Timezone Switcher now. We just liked that view better.

  • My Schedule View

    Agents can make their Time Off & Trade Shift requests even if they are in “Read Only” mode.

  • API Documentation

    Our API documentation is now easier to read because we’ve switched to Slate. Check it out here. How smooth is that?


  • Rules

    There was a bit of time where some rules weren’t running and actions like “Clock out Agent, Delete Timesheet and End Day” didn’t work. We fixed the problem and ran a script so these Timesheets were retroactively deleted. Yay!

  • Reports & Tags

    Data wasn’t showing up in reports when users included or excluded a specific tag. That’s no longer the case. Reports and tags are now friends again

  • Channel Colors

    We know you won’t be envious to hear that for some people all Channel Colors were green for a few hours (go green!) The entire color palette is available again.

  • Agent Activity & Edit Timesheet

    The Agent Activity layout was a bit confusing when trying to edit their Timesheets… so we fixed that!

  • Schedule

    Unassigned shifts & Intraday Template´s missing buttons are now back (they didn´t tell us where they went meanwhile though, those silly buttons!). Shift Templates time-slots issues have also been fixed, you can now again see intraday 30-minute breakdowns and go back to the smooth scheduling experience you always had at Tymeshift

  • Zendesk App

    Scorecard and Schedule time format fixes were released along with a new App version which improved the App performance and hopefully your agent´s experience as well.