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A table with several geometric solids and a laptop in the center, displaying the Tymeshift interface.

Version 34.23

January 25, 2023
New Features


🎉 Help Center - Our new and revised Help Center is now live! 🔍 Check it out here: https://support.tymeshift.com/hc/en-us

🎉 Product Updates - Take a look 👀 at our new Product Center (https://www.tymeshift.com/product) where we'll be keeping you updated on any news related to Tymeshift!



🗓️ Automated Schedule - Now you can publish automated schedules per group, team, location or individual user.

Bug Fixes


📊 Dashboards - A couple of metrics were taking too long to load their graph view. Our team gave it a push, and now everything's running as swiftly as expected. ⚡️

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