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Version 37.23

May 26, 2023
New Features


🕰️ Excluding Historical Inbound Volume Outliers - Fine-tune your forecast by identifying and excluding outliers that cause one-off spikes in your inbound volume. Check out our support article to learn how to keep your forecast data in even better shape. 💪

📊 New Schedule Adherence Metrics - Introducing three brand-new metrics in our Reports section: Adherence Rate, In Adherence Time, and Out of Adherence time. 🕵️ Read all about it on our Help Center to gain deeper insights into your team's performance.

👥 Agent Status

  • We've added some parameters so you can easily filter your agents by adherence status, and quickly identify those who may require additional attention and support. 🤝
  • We've also added a new Adherence Duration column to the Agent Status view. ✨ Sort this column to identify agents who have been out of adherence the longest.

🧩 Agent Activity

  • When editing Agent Activity, you'll now have visibility on the last user who made changes and when they were made, providing crucial context and accountability for your scheduling process. 🕶️
  • 🌄 Additionally, Start Day and End Day are now prominently displayed, helping you avoid overlapping times and ensuring seamless scheduling. While editing an activity, you'll notice entries called "Hidden" that indicate the agent's start and end-day events. 🌅


🗃️ Reports CSV File - Now, when you export your Reports to a CSV file, you'll notice that the name and email of each agent are neatly organized in separate columns.

Bug Fixes


🔮 Forecast - We noticed there was a temporary glitch that prevented the display of Voice and Chat channel information in the Forecast board. But fear not! Our incredible engineering team swooped in and saved the day once again. 🦸

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