Our Story

“What began as a frustration has now transformed into a successful product launch.”

-David Birchmier, CEO at MPA

Every great app starts with a problem to be solved. For our developer, MPA, that problem was tracking employee time to support tickets within their helpdesk, Zendesk. MPA loved Zendesk, and thus wanted a time-tracking solution that felt and worked like – and along WITH – Zendesk.

MPA had spent countless hours testing and researching other solutions that were available. None of them fit. The other solutions didn’t track time on a ticket level. Compounding that problem was the inability to run any Zendesk-specific reports on that time.

MPA didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, so they set out to build the most native, Zendesk-y, time-tracking experience out there. The new app increased efficiency for MPA and also reduced the need for employee training.

MPA continues to work with Zendesk, now offering the solution in the Zendesk app store under our current name TymeShift.Since its January 2013 launch in the Zendesk app store, TymeShift has been implemented by well over 1,000 users.

MPA is committed to developing and supporting exceptional applications – both for clients & in-house apps like TymeShift. We’ve recently made upgrades and improvements to the app itself, featuring smoother & sleeker interaction, a cleaner interface, smaller footprint, and a truly enhanced UX all-around. There is even the ability to change colors now! And in recent news, TymeShift has just released the mobile app for agents who are field technicians, service people, or anyone who needs track time on the go. Check it out today!