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Understand team performance, where agents spend their time, and how to optimize it—made exclusively for support teams using Zendesk.
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Modern support teams using Zendesk, run on Tymeshift

Agent Activity on Tymeshift's Free Plan

Agent Activity

A timeline of your team's activity throughout the day

Understand when agents start their day, end their day, and everything that happens in between:

✓ Understand the time agents spend on support activities like tickets, chats, and voice.
✓ And, the time they spend outside of Zendesk, too. Things like Lunch, Breaks, Training, & Meetings.
✓ Dive into individual tickets and understand your agents workflow or view totals for the day.

General Tasks on Tymeshift's Free Plan

General Tasks

Track time on Lunch & Break with custom statuses

Tymeshift allows you to create custom statuses that agents can clock into — allowing you to track everything your team does throughout the day.

Tymeshift Free integrates seamlessly with Zendesk

Agent XP

A beautifully simple experience for your agents

Agents' activities are automatically tracked in Zendesk. The only action agents need to take is clocking-in to the non-support activities you define & end their day when it's over.

Get the fastest WFM
on the planet — free for life.

✓ Gain instant visibility into your support team's activities and boost efficiency.
✓ All activities inside Zendesk are tracked automatically.
✓ Get up and running in minutes.

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Tymeshift got the following five star review
Tymeshift has already proven to be an invaluable tool in identifying agent performance patterns and areas for improvement. With the customizations made, we’ve also been able to seamlessly bridge Tymeshift’s intelligence with our existing processes.
Charlene Hopkins
Tymeshift got the following five star review
It would take 4 to 5 hours pulling numbers and plugging them into a spreadsheet, - with Tymeshift, it's 5 minutes
Erik Jansen
Tymeshift got the following five star review
The complete visibility over agent activity and productivity allowed us to keep all our agents working from home.
Leticia Goulart