Real Time Team Management - Tymeshift

Tymeshift has been completely revamped. Take the new version for a spin today!

Power up your reporting and analytics with real-time WFM management

All the real-time data and historical insights you need to manage your workforce day-to-day. Easy to read, to customize and to transform into reports.

Customizable Real Time Dashboards

Create unique dashboards for each team to always stay current on their performance metrics & KPIs.

View Agent Activity Timelines

Explore your agents’ activity in real time with a 360-degree view of their days.

Report on Your Team’s Performance

With more than 30 support-related metrics to choose from, you can report on the KPIs that matter to you most.

Measure Schedule Adherence

See if schedule adherence drops in real time so you can make adjustments that let you provide on-point support.

What more can you do with Tymeshift?

Make life easier for your agents

No learning curve, no new logins, no excuses not to use it! A seamless Zendesk experience means they can do everything they have to do without ever leaving Zendesk.

Know how many agents you need

You never need to be over- or under-staffed again. Our forecast feature lets you know how many support agents you’ll need throughout the day and in each channel. 

Create automatic schedules

Spending too much time and effort set up intraday plans for your teams?
With the click of a button, you can generate detailed and adjustable plans – complete with breaks, lunches and recurring tasks.

The only WFM you can spin up in minutes.

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