Automatic Scheduling - Tymeshift

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Automatic scheduling lets you drop the spreadsheets and save hundreds of hours

Generate complete schedules for all your agents at the click of a button: with all the breaks, lunches and recurring tasks already filled in.

Schedule automatically

A complete schedule is created based on your staffing forecast. Plan agents’ breaks, lunches, and recurring tasks with ease!

Compare Forecast vs. Schedules

Check the number of agents you have scheduled against the forecasted amount and manage the workload down to 30-minute increments.

Edit with Ease

Adjust workstreams, breaks, lunches, and more for your agents to make sure everything gets done.

Manage Time Off

Add partial or full days off to give agents the work/life balance they deserve.

What more can you do with Tymeshift?

Manage your team in real time

Not sure what your agents are focussed on? Need more info on what’s going on so you can make the right call at the right time? Set up dashboards to keep an eye on all the metrics that matter to you.

Make life easier for your agents

No learning curve, no new logins, no excuses not to use it! A seamless Zendesk experience means they can do everything they have to do without ever leaving Zendesk.

Know how many agents you need

You never need to be over- or under-staffed again. Our forecast feature lets you know how many support agents you’ll need throughout the day and in each channel. 

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