Why Tymeshift?

What we’re made of

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Plan for the future by forecasting the number of contacts across all channels and how many agents you’ll need to handle them.

2020 Behind

There’s so much data sitting in your Zendesk account – why not put it to work? Forecast and see your future contact volumes and FTE up to a year in advance. The future is yours & you don’t even have to worry about the butterfly effect.

Find Your Future

Real-time monitoring

See what all of your agents are doing in real-time across all channels. Filter by activity type, group, or build your own views.

Time & attendance

Automatically track all of the time spent on tickets, chats, and calls. Create custom AUX states to track lunch, breaks, and other non-support activities.

Activity tracking

Get true visibility with a complete picture of each agent’s day that’s sure to uncover coaching opportunities.

  • Agent activity

    Overlay your intraday schedule on your agent’s activity timeline and find out if your plan went according to plan.

  • Timecards

    Agents can view their daily & weekly activity.

  • Activity feed

    Monitor every action an agent takes in a live activity feed.


Quickly create complete intraday schedules and view staffing across all channels. Agents can view their schedule without ever leaving Zendesk.

  • Intraday scheduling

    Schedule tickets, chat, calls, breaks, lunches, and plan your shifts down to 10 minute intervals.

  • Shift templates

    Create reusable templates with intraday variants to quickly create schedules.

  • Repeating shifts

    Scheduled shifts can recur at the frequency and interval you choose to make it easy to maintain schedules.

  • Bulk schedule

    Have a complex schedule that changes frequently throughout the week? Bulk scheduling makes it fast to staff!

  • Time off & shift trades

    Agents can submit time off requests and offer to trade their shifts with other agents.

  • Approvals

    Managers can approve time off requests, shift trades, and allow agents to take an unassigned shift.

Scorecards & leaderboards

Drive productivity through transparency. Customize your agents scorecard with the metrics that matter to your organization.


Never miss a minute with real-time WFM reporting. You can dive into the details or get a birds-eye-view of the big picture.

  • Occupancy & utilization

    Find out what percentage of time agents spend on support-related activities vs. everything else.

  • Agent productivity

    Gain visibility into average handle time, comments, tickets, chats, and calls per hour. You can even see how many tickets were opened but not worked on!

  • Attendance

    Find out who was on time, who was late, and who didn't show up at all.

  • API

    Report on Zendesk tags, ticket statuses, groups, and more.

Stay in the know

Configure custom rules and get alerted when things are going awry. Notify a team lead when an agent is late for lunch or in an idle state for too long.

Slack integration

Get notifications and alerts about agents’ work states right in Slack. Both managers and agents can get important updates on agent activity sent to Slack in real-time.


This bundle of features tightens Tymeshift’s alignment with Zendesk Talk through automation, tracking, and data syncing between the platforms.

  • States tracking

    Track each Talk state an agent is in and for how long.

  • Talk Metrics

    Get more Talk Metrics on your Summary Report.

  • Talk States sync

    Automatically sync Tymeshift AUX codes with Talk states.