Data Security & Storage


We take your security seriously, keeping your data 100% secure 100% of the time. We will not copy, modify or share your data at any time, for any reason.

Tymeshift accesses data within Zendesk, such as ticket tags, ticket status, requester name, and organization name. This data is used to build meaningful reports based on your Zendesk data. We do not store this data permanently, but do temporarily cache it on our servers for performance reasons. Tymeshift does store all of the data relating to the time it tracks within its own database.

Our primary datacenter provider is Google Cloud. Learn more about Google Cloud security practices here:

By default, your data is stored in a region located in the United States. On our Enterprise plan we offer the ability to select where your data is stored and offer datacenter locations around the world to choose from. Your data is always isolated to the datacenter location you select.



The only data Tymeshift has access to is within Zendesk, and relates to the parameters of tickets.
Tymeshift does not store any agent/customer communications other than the subject of the ticket.


Tymeshift is trusted by over 3,000 companies in 8 countries to manage workforce and monitor agents in teams ranging from just a handful of employees to thousands. Maintaining your company’s data and security is at the forefront of our minds and efforts each day. We have never experienced a security breach or customer file loss and take all steps consistently to ensure we never do.

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Check out our Enterprise Plan which will allow you to select the datacenter location where your account is stored. The Enterprise Plan also gains you a service level agreement (SLA) to provide 24x7x365 support with a 1 hour response guarantee, in addition to more customizable options.


Can you execute a BAA with my organization?

Yes, we are more than happy to execute a business associate’s agreement to ensure
your organization complies with HIPAA regulations.

Can you execute a Data Processing Agreement based on EU Model Clauses with my organization?

Yes, are able to execute this agreement with your organization.

I need something else that isn’t listed here. Will you work with me?

Yes. Simply send an email to: [email protected]
We’re happy to work with you to understand your requirements and offer a solution.


My name is David and I am the Founder/CEO of MPA. Our company created Tymeshift as a solution to our own frustrations, but has become a meaningful product used by thousands of users around the world.

We take your needs to heart and want you to know that our team is dedicated to maintaining your privacy and security. We give you our word that the sharing, reselling or manipulation of your data simply will not happen.

Tymeshift is made up of a team of individuals who, much like you, have dreams, goals, families and passions they wake up and pursue each morning. Our main focus each and every day is to provide you with the best Agent Monitoring and Workforce Management tool for Zendesk, while ensuring that you data is 100% safe and secure.

Thank you for your time and for trying Tymeshift today. We think you’re going to love it.


David Birchmier

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