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Leticia Goulart and Cirlene Duarte — CX coordinator and Team Leader, Hurb

Leticia Goulart and Cirlene Duarte
CX coordinator and Team Leader, Hurb

The complete visibility over agent activity and productivity allowed us to keep all our agents working from home.


Our support teams had to grow to match our 400% growth and Tymeshift’s automatic shift scheduling was a super tool to help us do that.

Shift Swapping

Agents absolutely love the ability to be able to see who is working when and request to swap shifts directly on the platform.

Real-Time Productivity

We used to have to wait for the day or week to be over, to pull the data and analyze it. Now it’s all there for us and we love that.

Faster Reaction Times

Being able to identify problems as soon as they come up, means we’ve been much faster solving them.

Hurb are a team of passionate travel fanatics. Our goal is "To make travel easier”. And we do it by connecting people to their dreams, providing the best travel experiences at affordable prices.We are the leading online travel agency in Brazil, have over 20 million registered travelers, 35 thousand destinations worldwide and more than 12 million Facebook followers - making us the world's largest tourism fan page. Even if you consider that the tourism industry has experienced some difficult times over the last couple of years, we have grown by 400% during this period.And with such a large and rapidly expanding customer base, we need a super streamlined approach to deliver timely and helpful support to any one in need. So that they’ll find our Customer Experience as enjoyable as their holiday experiences.Tymeshift reached out to us for a free demo and it was amazing.

From the moment we tested, we started seeing results: both in agent productivity and in the difference that having real-time visibility of all the data makes.

Plus, we started working with Tymeshift during the Pandemic, and it was the perfect tool to help the whole team Work From Home. And it’s allowed the whole team to stay Working From Home even after the lockdown ended: nowadays only the upper level of management goes to the physical office.It’s the complete visibility over agent activity and productivity that really lets us keep all our agents working in their Home Offices, wherever in the country they are. Because the bottom-line is that this visibility means agents get complete autonomy in return.It might have helped us win a Great Place to Work Award, and with all that added visibility it definitely seems to have made hiring easier for us. If you think about it, all of a sudden we don’t need to just hire in Rio de Janeiro, or find people willing to relocate for work: we’re able to find great professionals from all across the country.It’s been an absolutely positive experience. And it has been essential to help us run our operations. Even for the leadership teams, they’ve been experiencing much more autonomy.Our work used to be super manual, time consuming: we needed to be in almost constant contact with our agents.

And now team leaders and workforce managers can be much more hands-off, which frees time to focus on the bigger picture.

Everything from staff scheduling, approving shift swaps or time off: we can do that directly through Tymeshift. Whereas before agents would have to reach out to their manager, talk about it, wait for an answer.We’ve recommended it internally to other Hurb teams and we’ve recommended it to other companies. And from what we’ve been seeing, we think we’ll keep recommending it to anyone who asks.

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