Tymeshift went to yoga, and came out with more flexible adjustments and a dynamic experience 🧘‍♂️

Four amazing Tymeshift enhancements that will make your life, and your agent's life a whole lot easier in 2023!

Yep, our product team has been practicing delivering flexibility and dynamism in Tymeshift which results in some new automagic for you to enjoy heading into the new year!

First, you can now set more granular forecast adjustments - meaning that not only can you have a volume adjustment for a day, but you can specify the time of day, whether that adjustment is a percentage or a numerical value, and you can do more than one at a time!
Second, schedules are now optimized based on time offs that have been added after the last time the schedule was generated. This means better schedule accuracy to match the forecast and the coverage that you need when you need it, even though folks do have to take some time for themselves every now and then. We're pro time off, and with this automagic, now you will be as well!
Third, agent notifications for their next scheduled tasks. Have your agents noticed anything new on Zendesk recently... maybe a notification five minutes before the next scheduled task letting them know what's coming next? That's because this highly requested feature has been released for teams that are using the new scheduling feature! Gone are the days of having to click over to your schedule to keep track of when and what you're doing next - now you'll see a nice pop-up while working your tickets reminding you what's next.
Fourth, you can now navigate to past days in Agent Attendance 🙏 You read that right, Agent Attendance now not only shows you today's attendance information, but you can look at any day in the past as well. Yep - we're evolving and it's happening quickly!