Everything to know about The Free Plan

Everything you need to know about The Free Plan, and how it can help you and your team.

One of our main goals here at Tymeshift is to simplify workforce management which was the main reason we thought, "Hey, let's make a version of Tymeshift that allows companies using Zendesk to gain instant visibility into their support team's activities — and let's make it free forever."

Why we ❤️ this:

We'll give you our top three:

  • It's easy to get started
  • It's quick to learn
  • and it provides (nearly) instant results

This free version of Tymeshift is simple to spin up - giving visibility into your agent's activity in about five minutes. There's not much you need to do, and almost instantly, you'll have real-time information at your fingertips.

The real value in this instant visibility into your support team's activities is helping you identify and provide additional coaching and training opportunities. Beyond that, knowing where time is spent gives you the ability to plan better and ensure that you have people available to handle all of your support work.

What's in it for you:

  • Agent Activity:

A simple, real-time timeline of your agent's day. This will break down the time spent in any channel and Untracked time (the idle time in your agent's day when they're not working on anything). You'll also see when your agents work on non-support-related activities (AUX codes/General tasks).

Click into any of your agents to see a summary of when they started their day and how their time was dispersed between each task they've worked on.

  • General Tasks:

Create customized AUX codes (we call them General Tasks) to categorize your agents' work outside of Zendesk. This means you'll quickly see when your agents take a lunch and break or attend meetings, training, and anything else they have going on throughout the day.

  • Simple experience for your agents:

TL;DR — your agents will not have to leave Zendesk, and Tymeshift will track automatically with nearly no effort.

The specifics — Tymeshift automagically tracks your agent's activity when they open their first support ticket in Zendesk. As they navigate around Zendesk, taking tickets, voice calls, and chats, Tymeshift keeps tracking, and they don't have to do anything. When they head into things in Zendesk like their home screen, views, or the dashboard, Tymeshift automagically tracks that as Untracked time - telling you how much time is spent outside of support-related activities. When they are ready to head into a General task, agents will click the Tymeshift icon in the top right-hand corner near their picture and select the proper activity from the General task drop-down menu to start tracking against that activity. When they return to work, they'll click into the next ticket they plan on working on in Zendesk, and the tracking will automagically begin once more!

  • Automations:

Save time by setting up parameters for your agent's tracking to trigger an automatic update in Tymeshift.

  • Quickly find agents:

Hold CMD+F/CTRL+F on your keyboard — then start typing an agent name, and Tymeshift will filter out everyone else.

  • Easily change your timezone:

Use the timezone switcher to star your most used timezones and quickly move between them as needed.

We hope you enjoy The Free Plan!