Introducing more scheduling flexibility

Our customers asked for it: they got it. Increased scheduling flexibility that meets your needs.

Have you ever felt constrained by scheduling? Like you want to schedule whatever you want and whenever you want, but you can't because that means changing a bunch of different settings on multiple features or rearranging your spreadsheets, or it's just not possible without taking several steps? 😔

We heard your feedback, and that's why we're launching the ability for you to schedule any shift template, regardless of if it's assigned to an agent or not. 🥳

Increasing Scheduling flexibility has been a big goal of ours this year, and this release is a major part of turning that goal into a reality for you. It provides a simple approach for managers to quickly adjust their roster.

You'll now be able to schedule any shift template you like for any person instead of having to jump around and change shift templates or reassign agents.

See what I mean here:

I remember situations from my contact center days where this would have been useful, like the time I had to call in sick — and usually, we had only one person at a time assigned to work on a certain campaign.

You guessed it; I was that person that day. 🤦‍♂️

So my manager had to call in a colleague of mine to cover for me, change their schedule, and add a new shift for that person. With this feature, my manager could have just clicked a button, added my shift to my colleague, and that's it - piece of 🍰

This is, of course, just one example. There are countless others where simplicity like this is needed for a faster adjustment to a schedule.

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