Introducing Our New Lisbon Office!

Meet our new home in Lisbon!

Have you been to Chiado? It’s a beautiful area of Lisbon filled with historic buildings and plenty of shopping!
Oh — and it’s home to Tymeshift’s new Lisbon office.

Team Building Benefits

Cheers to new beginnings!

While we will miss our old office at co-working space LACS, and will especially miss the friends that we made there, we’re loving our new digs. It’s a great chance for us to really bond and to create an office that’s all our own. We’re able to have quick meetings, run into each other while making coffee, and communicate more freely.

Shared offices are amazing, don’t get us wrong. But with the amount of video calls and sales discussions we have every day, we didn’t want to be those noisy neighbors.
Now, it’s a bit easier to hop on calls or schedule video chats.

We’re even going to do some team events like yoga in the common space to ensure we stay centered. It’s those little things that we do during our day to remember it’s not just about work. It’s about creating a great company culture that respects work/life balance. It’s about being happy, healthy people. It’s about never pushing ourselves into exhaustion. We’re also considering book clubs, scheduled and impromptu happy hours, and more.

If your team has suggestions for in-office bonding, let us know!

Making the Lisbon office ours

Our office space is perfect for the Sales, Support, and Product teams that are based there. We even picked room names to reflect each spaces’ awesomeness:

Support Space= CSAT
Sales Space= ARR
Product Space= NPS
Meeting Rooms = Public Comment & Private Comment
Common Spaces = Intraday & Time Off
Kitchen & Toilets = General Tasks (obviously)

Naming spaces that match our personality.
Plants and Monocle mag — a great addition to any room.

We’re working on transforming it into a green space, making sure to ditch the coffee pods, and create a dedicated space for recycling. We’re also putting the kitchen to good use by stocking it with snacks, fruits, beverages and (of course!) matcha. We are learning about the many gluten-free options that exist as well since our team members have different dietary requirements.

As for the décor, we’re just packing in the plants. With all of the natural lighting there, it’d be a shame not to surround ourselves in greenery (but carefully because plants can be deathtraps). Since plants do require a lot of attention, we’re working up a schedule (yep…WFM is in our blood) to make sure they get the love they deserve.

We’re viewing our new Lisbon office as a nice, big step in the progress of our company. It’s the home of our collaboration, friendships, and our growing brand. With a new office comes new team members as well — including our office manager, Jessica. Stay tuned for her story soon.

We <3 our new setup.

About Tymeshift:

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By the way, we’re hiring.

So if you loved the article and would dig the chance of working in our (used-to-be) new Lisbon office:
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