Introducing Multiple Intradays & a refined interface to manage shift templates

Defining your shifts by day of the week, and setting up reoccurring events means more flexible scheduling for you and your team – check out how here!

Drum roll please 🥁... you now have the ability to schedule different intradays, different starting times, and different shift lengths for every day of the week. Yeah, that's right, flexibility is our middle name. 😈

The reality of creating a schedule that works for every agent in a roster can be hard and demanding with all the distinct scenarios the manager has to deal with.

But with Multiple Intradays, you now have a way to configure shifts in whatever way they need. For example, you can now:

  • Define shift templates by day of the week:
    If you need your agents to start at 9:00am one day and at 11:00am on another.
    Or if you want to define different shift lengths throughout the week.
  • Set up recurring events:
    If you need to schedule a weekly meeting.

We’ve also improved the interface you use to manage your shift templates. Our new three-pane interface allows you to fly through different shift templates at the speed of light… or nearly.

Remember a time when this would have been life-changing?

Me too – back in my college days I was a part-time contact center agent. Life was hectic, and I didn’t have the availability to work 4 hours every day.

This meant that my manager had to do some creative thinking and schedule me to work when it worked: sometimes that meant 6 hours on a Monday, 4 hours on a Tuesday, a day off on Wednesday. They had to make sure they had enough people to handle all the incoming volume of calls but also respect my statute as a working student.

The reality is: scheduling is different for everyone, and more often than not, companies have to deal with some situations like mine. That’s where Multiple Intradays come in. They enable additional flexibility when defining your shift templates for those times when people are not scheduled for the exact same thing at the exact same time on the exact same days.

It’s the only way to go for the modern workforce manager. 🤗