Introducing Agent Status Dashboard

A quick guide to our Agent Status Dashboard for Tymeshift rookies and pros alike.

Agent Status Dashboard is a tool for Managers and Team Leaders that will give you visibility into your agents and their current activities. Yep, you read that right, we're talking real-time insights on agents' operations!

Managers need to have high visibility of their agent's activity. It's not only a plus for managers but can have a hugely positive impact on agents as well. The agent status dashboard gives you the level of insight you'd get from sitting right beside your team members - without you having to hover over your agents or stop them from checking in on things throughout the day.

Let's talk perks:

  • Real-time monitoring at a glance to maintain situational awareness
  • An easy-to-digest summary of your team's current activity, if they are scheduled to do that activity (adherence), the specific ticket being worked, the duration of that work so far, and their Talk availability status
  • Provides a real-time overview of your support team and highlights potential issues such as agents that are out of adherence or in untracked time for longer than you would expect

All this information in one place = team managers taking real-time action to support teams without agents feeling as if they are being micromanaged!

Agent Status in action:

When you first land on the Agent Status page, you’ll be able to see an unfiltered view with:

  • Agent Name
  • Current Activity Name
  • Current Activity Time (Duration)
  • Scheduled Activity
  • In/Out Adherence
  • Current Talk State
  • Talk State Duration

To better adjust that list to the information you want to consult, you just need to use the filtering criteria available (Locations, Teams, Groups, Only agents with Schedules, Only agents with Activities) and/or the Grouping options (Group, Team, Location).

If you’re looking for a specific Team or a specific agent, you can also use the search field. (Pro Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut CMD/CTRL + F to jump to the search field quickly)

What's on the horizon:

Our next development cycle will bring more data, and functionality will be added to Agent Status. Some things you can look forward to include sorting capabilities, setting thresholds that provide the ability to have passive notifications, and more...

About Tymeshift:

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