Your CX Agents are the Key

Outstanding customer support can turn a negative experience into a lifelong customer.

Ready to work, even on-the-go!

Don’t get us wrong; every team member in an organization is incredibly important. But have you considered how everything would change without customer support? And without the CX agents that make it happen?

Imagine trying to change a shipping address, figure out a complex cancellation policy, understand your subscription options…the list goes on.

For a while there, it was hard to get a human on the phone to answer your questions. That created a bit of a stigma that support wasn’t so supportive. Now, companies are opening their eyes to why agents are so critical to keeping customers happy or just keeping them in general. Here are four great reasons to focus on building up your support team.

1. CX Agents are your customer-retention wizards.

Have you ever called a support line fired up about an issue only to be met with a support person who was so helpful the anger lifted? That’s a big deal, and it can mean the difference between a successful company and one that flops.

Every company has issues — glitches, slow shipping, defective products, and things like that. When a CX nightmare or even a small problem arises, some people will just switch brands or find a competitor. But generally, first, they’ll try to reach out and get you to resolve the issue. That contact is the time where a company can keep or lose a customer. Agents are the ones that can make the difference required to keep a customer coming back.

This is data-backed by Zendesk's CX Trends of 2022.

2. Agents are creative, adaptable, and they can think on their feet.

Your CX agents are some of the most flexible employees out there because they’re always dealing with new people and situations. In one shift, an agent can field a wide range of problems with accuracy. That’s a skill that means they always have to be alert, attentive and know their stuff.

With quick problem-solving skills, agents are well suited for a wide range of roles. Of course, that means they often are so busy crushing it as agents that they don’t get the chance to try out other things (hint — don’t forget to promote your amazing CX heroes).

3. CX Agents are empathetic.

This really can’t be overstated. With a job that requires them to talk to tons of different people with different personality types, agents know how to treat people with care and empathy. Even jobs that you wouldn’t imagine requiring empathy can be emotionally charged.

For example, cancelling phone service when you’ve lost a loved one. The person on the other end of the line needs to be professional and get the right credentials without coming off as insensitive or unkind. It’s a delicate balance, and it’s a line agents walk multiple times a day no matter what company they represent.

4. Agents know your product inside and out (and they can tell you how to fix it).

What a tremendous asset that so many people miss! Agents are fielding questions about your product or service day in and day out. With that amount of time spent hearing praise and complaints, they know what’s working and what isn’t. It’s beneficial to your team to listen to what agents hear and think about what you’re putting out there; they’re sure to be filled with helpful insights.

In fact, CX agents make amazing product managers or can transition easily into your sales teams. They already know the inner workings of what you have to offer. They can help improve what you already do or create new customer connections by combining their knowledge and people skills.

Support agents deserve support too!

In difficult times, like we experienced with Covid-19, with companies shutting down, shipping delays becoming commonplace, and increasing uncertainty all around, your agents are a lifeline for your customers. Make sure you help agents stay informed and give them the tools they need to do their jobs.

But remember that they are humans who are dealing with stressful situations and need breaks, compassion, and resources to handle these uncertain times. You have to help avoid them feeling exhaustion.

Support your agents as they support you, they certainly deserve it!

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