Tymeshift's company culture: 3 things that defined us in 2020

This is a snapshot of who we were back in 2020. And to be honest, our company culture hasn't changed a lot since then...

Welcome to the Tymeshift blog!Two Tymeshift team members bump fists to say hello.

Tymeshift is more than a brand. It's a real, authentic business with a strong and diverse company culture.

Sounds sappy? We don't care. It’s true.

We are a tight-knit group that loves sharing what we are passionate about. For most of us, that includes our work. After all, we spend most of our days doing it — it’d be a shame if we didn’t enjoy how we spent that time.

So, how does a collection of nearly forty enthusiastic people find each other in this crazy world? It happens slowly and with a lot of care. If you talk to anyone at Tymeshift, they’ll tell you our enthusiasm isn’t just an act. We appreciate each other’s talents and are fuelled by learning from each member of the team.

1. It’s about trust

That starts at the top. Our leadership gives us the freedom and the opportunity to grow in our CX careers without that messaging coming from “official channels.” Our managers ask questions like:

“Honestly, how do you feel about this? Is it ok or would you like it to be different?”

And our CEO stays calm and creative when curve balls are thrown.
It’s not hard to see why we all have fun at work.

Not only do our team members trust our leadership, but the leadership only hires people they fully support as well. That's one secret I think to why our company culture is so solid.

If a Tymeshift team member goes to their manager with an idea, it will be seriously considered and often implemented. By building a creative community that works together, we are able to shape and redefine what we are interested in working on without feeling stuck.

We hang out even when we’re not working!

2. It’s all about caring

Work/life balance is something so many companies talk about, but it’s hard to actually achieve. Our team is global and diverse, which we consider a huge asset. It means that in our company culture, there is no echo chamber or automatic right answer because everyone comes from such different backgrounds. This makes us push harder to develop and keep connections with one another.

It also makes us extra excited for conferences and onsite visits where we get to meet in person.

But working in a company with offices in Portugal, the USA & Serbia as well as many remote employees means we have to focus on collaboration. Fight against exhaustion with empathy. You're forced to understand how everything will fit together while also allowing us to be human and have lives. That sort of compassionate understanding is driven by knowing we can trust each other to do our best as efficiently as possible.

We take the term “All Hands” meeting seriously.

3. And it’s about time!

Yes, that’s a pun about our name and what we do. It’s also really true. We think it’s about time that companies build strong teams that make great things. With understanding and the ability to grow, our members can feel excited about where they work (so excited that many have the logo tattooed on themselves).

This isn’t some idealistic viewpoint, and it’s not meant to sway you toward feeling any type of way about us. We just wanted to introduce who we are, how we feel, and extend our hope that if you join the Tymeshift family as a team member or as an employee, we can help you to feel the same.