The fresh approach to tracking daily attendance

You now can easily track your workforce's daily attendance with crucial indicators of punctuality and simple filtering options to get only the information that you need.

This will save you time when you need to understand who’s in and who’s not while providing:

  • Better visibility for the attendance events (lateness, absence, overtime)
  • Information that might be valuable for Payroll Reports (such as clock-in and out information, time logged as a duration in hours, and unpaid breaks)
  • Quick access to the report through a dedicated menu selection
  • Seamless navigation to past days
  • An easy count of your agents per filtering selection

Upfront, you’ll be greeted with a vast choice of metrics and indicators that will provide an eagle-eye view of the presence or absence of your team members - no setup effort required. This summary view also helps you understand the presence of the agent against the schedule the agent was allocated with a very quick glance.

But for the agents with no schedule, you’ll also be able to see important information like the duration of unpaid breaks.

We've made life even easier here by providing filters and grouping options so that you can quickly see the following information by agent:

  • Scheduled - start and end time for the agent scheduled for the day
  • Time scheduled - the duration of the scheduled period
  • Logged - the time the agent clocked in and if it’s currently clocked in or not
  • Time logged - duration of the time the agent was/is clocked in
  • Unpaid breaks - duration of the unpaid breaks of the agent
  • Late - the duration of the agent’s lateness
  • Left early - how early the agent left before the shift end
  • Overtime - how long after the shift ended your agent clocked out
  • Unplanned time off - the duration of time off unplanned (the unplanned classification comes from Time Off Request Reason Types)
  • Planned time off - the duration of time off that was planned (the planned classification comes from Time Off Request Reason Types)
  • Occupancy - for the total time your agent is logged, what percentage of time is spent on productive tasks

You also now have the capability to navigate to past days! No more missing information for yesterday or last week 🔥

See Agent Attendance in action here!

What's on the horizon for this feature next:

  • An autonomous historical report with the same indicators and some more
  • An exportable version of the Historical Report