Automagic is here!

Automated Schedule is the result of the evolution of how we are structuring information in tymeshift and it is really based on the feedback that we’ve gotten from you, our customers, in terms of providing more flexibility, ease of use, and really tailoring scheduling both, for small and large teams.

Automated Schedule is essentially our next-generation scheduling tool which is designed to save time in terms of building both, the shifts and when agents start their work, as well as complex intraday schedules that are optimized based on the Forecast

In a nutshell, with Automated Scheduling you will be able to:

  • Schedule your teams with literally just a one click
  • See intraday set automagically, without even lifting a finger
  • Empower your agents to be accountable for their Schedule Adherence
  • Set time of reasons and set PTOs for the teams

…and so much more!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Automated Schedule and how to customize it to best suit your needs. So let’s dive in!

Quick Note

We have also released the Customizable Dashboards feature which is going to help you to visualize teams’ performance in terms of Schedule Adherence and other key metrics!

We know that some of you prefer to read while others like watching short videos better. In this guide, we will use short videos recorded by our CEO, David, and Product Manager, MJ, to give you a bit more context.

But if you prefer reading, you can check out our dedicated Help Center about Automated Schedule.