How to Create Rules

Rules are made to be followed! In Tymeshift, Rules allow you to automatically perform actions based on conditions you specify. They’re very similar to Triggers in Zendesk, where you set up conditions and specify when an action should occur.

These Rules will help you to ensure that your Agent Activity is accurate and will send you real-time notifications if something is unusual.

By default, Tymeshift creates 5 rules that will automatically end an agent’s day if they forget to do it manually.

Follow these steps to create Rules:

Step 1.
Go to Admin() and click on Rules.


Step 2.
Click on Add Rule.


Step 3.
Choose a group or a specific agent, fill out the condition, and specify the action that needs to be performed.

Need ideas? Here are a few of the most common Rules:

  • Send a notification to managers alerting them that a ticket is taking an agent longer than expected.
  • Send a notification to an agent’s manager if the agent arrives late or leaves earlier than their scheduled time.
  • Automatically shift an agent to Untracked Time if they are inactive/stuck on a task for too long (you can choose how long is too long).
  • …and a lot more!

Quick Tip

If an agent is stuck on a task for too long, you can create a notification that’s sent to the agent first and THEN the manager. That gives the agent a nudge to get back on the right path – they love it!