How to Restrict Tymeshift to Certain Users

Tymeshift automatically imports all of your users from Zendesk, but you might want to only allow certain users access to Tymeshift. To restrict permissions, you can create a list of permitted users within Tymeshift.

Then, even if you add more agents on Zendesk, they won’t be activated on Tymeshift unless you specifically choose to add their emails. This makes it easy for you to manage how many Tymeshift licenses you have active at any given time.

To create a list of permitted users, just follow these steps:

Step 1.
Go to Admin() and click on Settings.

Step 2.
Scroll down and click on Show Advanced Options.

Step 3.
Select which users ARE permitted to use Tymeshift.

Step 4.
Enter approved user’s emails (don’t forget to enter your email as well!).