How to Create General Tasks

General Tasks (you might also refer to them as AUX Codes or AUX States) let you track time agents spend on things outside of Zendesk. These are tasks like lunch, breaks, meetings, and training activities.

Creating a General Task is easy!

Step 1.
Go to Admin () and click on General Tasks.

Step 2.
Click on Add General Tasks.

Step 3.
Create several tasks simultaneously by entering one on each line.

Step 4.
Categorize each General Task into one of the following options*:

  • Unproductive Time
  • Productive Time
  • Exclude from Occupancy

*You can learn more about each option by clicking on the question mark icon () next to Occupancy Settings.

Step 5.
Restrict the General Tasks to a specific group (if you’d like).

Quick Tip

Pick a different color for each General Task. It’ll make it easier to understand your reports.