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Tymeshift 2017

Better Scheduling

What’s more important than an organized schedule? That’s why we launched our workforce management scheduling solution this year. It came packed with helpful tools like intraday scheduling, time off requests, shift swaps, templates with multiple intraday schedules, and even the ability for agents to view their schedules directly from Zendesk!
Time Zones

Switching Time Zones? No Problem!

You spoke up – and we listened. A lot of our customers shared how frustrating it can be to calculate time zone differences when working with agents around the world. Our time zone switching feature makes it simpler than ever to figure out what time it is, no matter where you are located.

Help Center Edition

You shouldn’t have to dig for the helpful information you need. This year, we totally revamped and reorganized our help center. Now you can find what you need in a flash.
Revamped help center
Chat App

Get The Scoop With Zendesk Chat App

Want to check what your chat agents are doing? It’s simple with our Zendesk Chat app! Everything is recorded in real-time, so you’re always in the loop.
Beta launch

Chrome extension

We got some great feedback from customers asking if we could make a way to track agents’ activity outside of Zendesk. This easy-to-install Chrome extension does just that!
Chrome extension

See The Whole Picture

Admit it – you have a few metrics that you love more than the rest. That’s why we pulled together a bunch of the most-loved metrics and created an easy-to-share dashboard.

Talk/Voice Channel

Omni-channel tracking is a key part of the workforce management puzzle. We found the last piece of that puzzle when we added the ability to track Zendesk Talk & Zendesk Talk CTI directly within Tymeshift.
Talk / Voice channel

You Say You Want MORE Metrics?

You can never have enough metrics! That’s why we launched some awesome new ones so it’s even easier than ever to manage your team. A few of our newest metrics include:
Unattended Tickets
Public Comments / Hour
Solved Tickets / Hour
Chats Handled / Hour
Calls Handled / Hour"

Make It Your Own!

Personalizing and organizing your digital workspace is important. Now you can color-code your schedules and reporting so you can easily find what you need.
Chanel colors
Schedule adherence
Overlayed in agent activity

Schedule adherence

It can be hard to know if a plan works without really seeing it first. Now you can visualize how your intraday schedule compares to reality. Of course, it’s all in real time!

Scheduling – Now
In Bulk!

Bulk scheduling makes it CRAZY FAST to schedule all of your agents.
Bulk scheduling
Agent Views

Sort It All Out

We heard from a lot of customers that they were craving an in-depth way to organize agents by criteria like team or sub-group. To help out, we developed a super flexible feature called Agent Views. You can use these filters to see a subset of your agents on any screen.

The Great Migration

Much like that houseplant you’ve been meaning to get a bigger pot for, we grew pretty rapidly in 2017. That meant we needed a bit of an infrastructure upgrade. We decided to migrate to the Google Cloud Platform. We are happy with that choice due to the greatly improved scalability and performance it provides.
Google Cloud Platform
Agent Scorecard & Leaderboard

Keeping Score

Transparency rules! In fact, many of our customers told us that once they started sharing the metrics that drive their support organization with their teams they experienced even more success. That’s why we developed scorecards and leaderboards to track everything in real time.

Automation Is Our Friend

Certain tasks take too much time away from the important things that need to get done. That’s why we added more criteria to help team leads and customer support managers automate some of the work that used to drain a lot of their valuable time.
More notification & rules criteria

WFM slack Community

Our slack community is written BY WFM people FOR WFM people. If you haven’t joined – get on it! The more the merrier :)
WFM slack community
Hundreds of onboarding calls

Hearing From You Made Our Day!

We value our partnerships. That’s why we amped up our commitment to giving every single person the best service imaginable in 2017. Our Customer Success team hosted hundreds of personalized one-on-one onboarding calls. These calls taught us all a lot, and helped us to provide better service to you in return!

Meet & Greets

Getting the chance to meet the amazing community we work with is one of our favorite things. That’s why we jumped at the chance to have booths at both the Zendesk Relate and the Zendesk Partner Festival. Oh yeah, and they were both a TON of fun.
Zendesk Relate &
Partner Festival
Our CEO, David

We Discovered
Marko Is A Giant...

Just one of the many things we learned at the events. At least we’ll never need a ladder to reach the top cabinet in the break room!
Zendesk started calling us their

Premier Workforce
Management Partner!

We Zendesk

Our Team Grew!

In 2017 we welcomed 20 new members to the family. Can’t wait to meet even more great teammates in 2018!

Credit Goes to Wayne…

He had the nifty idea to have caricatures made of a bunch of our customers!

And, Wayne,
celebrated a birthday...

Marko says he's old now.

We’ve Roamed The Globe

The ever-amazing Elisa travelled all of the world this year to visit customers and help them to implement Tymeshift. Don’t worry, we gave her time to rest in between trips. She even had time to make a stop in the UK to celebrate her first wedding anniversary!

That was our 2017

We grew, we learned, we